We know how exciting it can be imagining yourself zipping around the neighborhood or your school campus on a state-of-the-art hoverboard. In fact, that image is what fueled the growth of hoverboards. They grew in popularity so quickly that manufacturers were rushing to be first to market to capture the potential. This actually led to a flood of hoverboards that were not properly tested. This might not seem like a big deal, except for the fact that these hoverboards began catching fire and causing serious injuries.

In  Early 2018, the Consumer Product Safety Commission of the United States actually issued an official recall of hoverboards. This meant over 500,000 hoverboards heading back to their manufacturers to be repaired, and over 15 models were affected.

Thankfully, this recall caused manufacturers to improve their hoverboards to ensure that they were safe. The hoverboards on the market today have been deemed safe, undergoing much rigorous testing than before.

Top 8 Best Hoverboards and Self Balancing scooters [Updated May 2018]

It can be difficult to find the best hoverboard, especially when there are so many in the market. Add to that the difficulties that many users have experienced with various brands and models, and the novice rider can really struggle to find the best hoverboard. You obviously need to stay within your budget, but you also want a safe, reliable hoverboard that will last for a long time. That is why we’ve put together this all-encompassing guide to buying a hoverboard. Before you start your search, be sure to read the following section. We’ve compiled a list of what you need to consider when selecting the best hoverboard, and you won’t want to miss it!

So without further ado, Here is the list of the best self balancing scooters updated for 2018!

Swagtron T1 (4.1 / 5) Check Here
Powerboard by HOVERBOARD (4 / 5) Check Here
Razor Hovertrax 2.0 Hoverboard (4.4 / 5) Check Here
Official Halo Rover Hoverboard (4.4 / 5) Check Here
Segway miniPRO (4.4 / 5) Check Here
HOVERZON UL 2272 Certified (4 / 5) Check Here
EPIKGO (4.4 / 5) Check Here
Skque X1 - UL2272 (4 / 5) Check Here

1) Swagtron T1 – Our top pick for 2018 !

If you are looking for a great, safe and revolutionary hoverboard, then the Swagtron T1 Self-Balancing Scooter will be your perfect purchase. This scooter is manufactured and sold by Swagtron, a new entrant in the hoverboard market. The company is based in the US and is among the few companies that manufacture UL Certified hoverboards. Even though there was a major scare regarding unsafe hoverboards, you can trust the T1 which is their flagship model. The T1 has been fully tested and certified to be safe for riding unlike most hoverboards in the market. Here is a review of the Swagtron T1.

Design. The Swagtron T1 has been crafted in a simple, sleek and easily portable design and is available in black, white, gold, red, pink and blue. It measures 23 x 4 x 7 inches and weighs only 22 lbs making it among the most portable hoverboards in the market. The outer casing has been crafted from high-grade fire retardant ABS material that makes it strong, sturdy and durable. The wheels are made from strong aluminum material and rubber tires to accommodate the maximum load limit of 220 lbs. It also comes with brilliant LED lights that not only complement the design but also enable riding at night and most importantly, for your safety.

Unsurpassed performance. When it comes to performance, this segway has a powerful 250-Watt motor with gear stabilization for better control and downhill traction. It is powered by a 1-hour rechargeable Lithium-ion battery that can push the T1 to a distance of up to 12 miles on full charge. With this segway, you can hit a top speed of 8 mph (12kmh) depending on your weight and most importantly, rider’s expertise. With a 0-degrees turning radius and a 30-degrees climbing capability, the T1 gives you freedom to do more.

Uncompromising safety. Like earlier said, the Swagtron T1 is a very safe hoverboard. Swagtron made sure that it capitalizes of the recent ban of uncertified hoverboards by engineering their flagship model with the latest safety features for users’ safety. First, it comes equipped with SwagTron’s Safe Stop Technology which helps you stop with ease in case you lose power suddenly. It also has two riding modes; for learners and experts. One great addition to this hoverboard is Swagtron’s Sentryshield multilayer battery protection that encloses the batteries in a fireproof chamber for extra protection. There’s also a 5-LED indicator that tells you just how much charge you have left.

1. Fireproof ABS body casing
2. 220 lbs load limit
3. 250-Watt motor
4. 8 mph (12kmh) top speed
5. 0-degrees turning radius and a 30-degrees climbing capability
6. Safe Stop Technology
7. 5-LED battery level indicator
8. 2 riding modes
9. Sentryshield multilayer battery protection
10. UL Certified

From the recent risks posed by hoverboards, it is really important that you get a hoverboard that guarantees your safety, that is exactly what the Swagtron T1 offers. It has also been crafted to offer better handling and unsurpassed performance. With a powerful motor and battery, you will have a whole new hoverboard experience. Even though the wheel’s rubber protective covers wear off, it doesn’t affect anything in the segway. So, if you want a revolutionary hoverboard that won’t explode, then get the Swagtron T1 and let the adventures begin with your feet!

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 #2 Powerboard by HOVERBOARD  

When you are thinking about speed, style, and glamorous  Powerboard by HOVERBOARD is the real deal. Your safety is at the center throughout the innovation and creating process. With a steady speed of 10 kilometers per hour and a well-balanced weight of 30lbs, you are guaranteed of the fan. And just in case you find it heavy to carry around, it comes with a beautiful carry-on bag. Making the entire experience easy for you. We are keen on the quality, the texture, the color and the beauty of your powerboard. For us as a company, we have ensured that powerboard is a not only the company’s favorite kit but our core business. Our careful eye for detail is unmatched.

The powerboard by Hoverboard is a huge success. It’s self—balancing scooter and unique from the many in the market. The kit is in a league of its own. Different, magical, technologically advanced and rich in creativity and innovation. Equally important, our scooter gives you a pleasant experience of quality and style.

Ideal for long distances. With the long battery life that extends up to 6 hours, you are guaranteed of uninterrupted fun to the end. But then again, if you are using it for few miles a day, it can last for days without being recharged. Therefore, if you’re doing short distances like going to the bus stop or a few blocks away, you don’t have to recharge every often. With clear innovativeness and expertise, we have ensured that your powerboard takes the least time on the charge. 1-hour maximum. This keeps you on the go.

Great for adults and kids. Interestingly, powerboard by Hoverboard unlike many scooters made for a given age group, this one is for both adults and kids. So when we talk about cost efficiency, we mean just that. Its base is wide enough to fit adult feet. Moreover, it’s equipped with anti-slip matting that prevents minor accidents and injuries, in particular for kids. The matting also enhances balancing and firm grip.

Certified by the US goverment. Powerboard by Hoverboard has gone a notch higher by ensuring there’s no overheating. We didn’t stop there, the US Government has certified this product and unequivocally affirmed that it wouldn’t heat, spark or catch fire. When riding powerboard by Hoverboard, you don’t have to worry about anything.

Smooth acceleration. The kit is a fine tuned with straightforward and smooth acceleration; you can be sure those bends and corners will be maneuvered explicitly. You just have to learn few basic tricks and tips like leaning forward to accelerate forward and backward to reverse. So when you are in the US, place an order, we do free shipping. The shipping is fast and timely. Besides, the product goes for only $349.99 on Amazon. A drastically reduced price from the previous $999.99. In turn, you end up saving a substantial $650 translating to a whopping 65%.

Professional Customer Service. To ensure you about our quality. And cement our longstanding reputation of quality services, we provide you a one-year limited warranty. We value your feedback and queries and further provide you with a professional US-based customer support service.

In a nutshell, it’s not possible to get everything nice in one basket. But for us at Hoverboard, will stop at nothing in ensuring that you have everything good in one basket. With long lasting battery rechargeable in 1 hour, fits both adults and kids, your safety at the center of everything, a maximum speed of 10 kilometers in an hour, no overheating and a one-year warranty at such a price and much more is quite something. There’s no thinking twice when it comes to powerboard by Hoverboard.

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#3 Razor Hovertrax 2.0 Hoverboard   

The Razor Hovertrax 2.0 hoverboard is one of the premier hoberboards offered in the market. With razor being one of (if not the best) scooter making companies out there it is needless to say that the hovertrax 2.0  is a great choice if you are looking for a high quality hoverboard.  By many hoverboards fans the hovertrax 2.0   is considered the The world’s smartest self-balancing electric scooter. This hoverboard is excellent for beginners!

So what makes it such a good buy? Let’s find out.

Excellent Performance.  The Hovertrax 2.0 has a powerful  silent dual 350 watt motor that allows 8 mph + cursing speed which is pretty good; It can run up top 60 minutes of continuous use while carrying up to 200 pounds (which is quite impressive).

“EverBalance™” technology.  This technology provides a  self-balancing experience. This results in a hoverboard that is much easier to mount, and provides a much smoother ride than similar hoverboards. There is an automatic self balancing feature that makes this hoverbaord  much easier and safer to ride, especially if you are just starting out.
Training Mode. When switching to this mode the speed and responsiveness of this hoverbaord is being limited, and the board responds much slower that in normal operation, which make this much easier for beginners to adjust.
UL2272 certification.  Like all the new hoverboards in the market it passed the UL2272 certification, which means it is meet all safety standards (no red flags).   Razor Hovertrax 2.0 passed  various intensive and rigorous tests  to ensure the safety of the user .

Batteries.  This Hoverbaord comes with an authentic 36V LG batteries which is easy to exchange , if you are in the middle of a ride. You can easily monitor the status of your battery using the LED panel, so you  change them and just continue your ride.

Great Features. The  Hovertrax 2.0  comes with an amazing Blue LED light bar display, LED battery power indicator (Dont need to guess how your battery is doing) and ender bumps.

By no doubt the Hovertrax 2.0 is one of the most impressive hoverbaords in the market, and definitely one of the best entry level hoverboards on the market. Because of its training mode It is especially great for beginners who are buying their first hoverboard. Easy to get started, Easy maintenance, and easy to assemable – highly recommended!

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#4 Hallo Hoverboard   

Would you like to experience fun and surpass the limits of hoverboarding with your family this coming season? This all-terrain Halo Rover Hoverboard that has a list of spectacular features is the ultimate board for you. With 8.5’’rubber tires and IPX4 water resistance, this board is perfectly suited for the streets and wet places. It is capable of maneuvering through most places such as snow, grass, sand or the park as long as local regulations allow. Why is this tool the perfect pick for you?

This hoverboard comes in different colors such as black, pink and white with added stability and comfort while riding. With a weight of only 32pounds and dimensions of 9.1 by 8.7 by 27.5 inches, this board that is made of high-grade aluminum material has a speed capability of up to 10miles per hour which is way faster than most average boards. When other hoverboard review is done, other tools support a maximum weight of only 220lbs while this lightweight board supports up to a maximum capacity of 265lbs. Isn’t this awesome?

Its wheels measure 8.5’’ in diameter with protective guards for the wheels which are also made from aluminum material. This is the reason why this all-terrain board can climb hills at an angle of about 18-20degress while executing high degrees of stability. With a top speed of 9mph, it comes with a self-balancing technology which makes the ride stable and smoother. Did I mention Bluetooth speakers? If you are the kind that loves listening to music while having a cool ride outside, this tool will care for your needs perfectly. It has a Halo Bluetooth Speaker that you can integrate with your phone giving you an opportunity to listen to music as you ride.

Have you heard of a hoverboard that has an application? This must-have board has the Halo Rover App that allows one to reset the speed and steering sensitivity. It also has three different modes – normal, training and advanced allowing you to reset it depending on your needs. Furthermore, it comes with a smartphone application that allows you to monitor your journey by checking the amount of charge left, change rider moods, check the distance you’ve travelled and the speed you are travelling at.

Do you like riding at night? This tool has LED lights that increase one’s visibility for cars and other pedestrians while on the move. Since it is UL2272 certified and comes with a 36V/4.4AH lithium-ion rechargeable battery that allows 2hours of continuous use, its battery safety is not something to worry about. When tested, it can travel a distance of 10miles on a single 2.5hour charge. In addition, it is well equipped with a heavy-duty carrying case that has a shoulder strap making it easy to carry around when not in use.

How about the price? Considering its features, safety and specifications, this tool’s price is standard and affordable. However, you should note that its price will vary depending on the color of the board and whether it’s on sale or not.

Do you think this is the best board for you? Halo Rover Hoverboard is fun to ride and has great outdoor capabilities. Grab your best pair of shoes and navigate all kinds of terrain weather wet or dry with this board. With strong aluminum shock absorbent tires and stability sensors, you are assured of safety while riding. All your needs are well taken care of! It’s worth trying.

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#5 Segway miniPRO Hover Board   

Being the most advanced hover board available, the Segway miniPRO has set excellent standards in technological advancements and leisure. One of the best hover boards sold around the world at a considerably affordable price Segway has an appealing appearance and advanced structure that certainly does make one contemplate on the fun of riding on top of it. Sold by SDONA LLC through their site and also through Amazon, it is available to all customers who can access the sites with a free shipping incentive that makes it an absolutely must order product to make your movements easier and fun.


The Segway hover boards are available in majorly black and white colors with a dimension of 10.3 x 21.5 inches length and width. Its mainframe height can be adjusted between 20 to 34 inches and it has a total weight of 13 Kgs. Having a maximum speed of 10 Mph it is among the fastest hover boards and can operate with a single charge for a distance of 14 miles. It takes four hours to fully charge the hover board and it can be charged through a 100-240 voltage output.


One of the most significant features that distinguishes this hover board from other mainstream boards is the padded knee bar that enables easier control and maximizes comfort. Most hover boards use feet controlled steering making the ankles tired when operated on curved pave-ways.

Segway miniPRO is able to connect to a mobile app through a Bluetooth connection allowing you to access its full features. These include:

  • Controlling the hover board remotely through your device.
  •  Setting an anti-theft alarm.
  • Customizing your board with different colors and types of light which will be appealing.
  • You will be able to diagnose your board in case of malfunction and also update its firmware.

This board comes with 10.5 inches wheels that are pneumatic and a military grade shock absorption ability that enables it to ride smoothly over a rough terrain. Its big tires also enable it to ride over obstacles that are 0.4 inches high.

Its body is constructed using modern technology alloy similar to those used in building air crafts making it light, strong and durable.

Segway boards have been set to meet high fire and electricity safety standards by one of top renowned international safety company.


  •  It is comfortable and easy to steer. The knee bar makes it easy to control the hover board as you only have to move your knees left or right compared to other boards that rely on feet pivoted controls that will require balancing of your body weight.
  • Anti-theft alarm will ensure your board is safe when you have to set your eyes off it for a few minutes.
  • The LED lights are efficient when it comes to visibility as pedestrians and motorists will be able to spot your presence avoiding unnecessary accidents.
  • Smooth ride experience due to the military grade shockwaves absorption.


For those who require unique experiences from simple things in life should consider acquiring one of this products. With a wide range of improved features like device control and shock absorption, this is surely the best board to proudly roll with around the hood. Let your friends have something to talk about.

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#6 HOVERZON UL 2272   

One of the best hover board brands that a keen lover of hover boards will surely recommend is HOVERZON. Hoverzon, a brand of hover boards developed by Procom Electronics Co. Ltd has been popular with the hover board riders always. Due to its constantly improving features, Hoverzon has served the riders with the best experience they can get.

It’s simple yet stylish features not only catches eye but also the attention of audience with its rapid speed gain, perfect balance and protective casing to ensure protection of the rider. With the color to match your style, hoverzon has outdone it with providing distinctive attributes for the HOVERZON UL 2272.


Comprising of A 250 watt enhanced motor for durability and secure gearing system, it provides brilliant unyielding control. HOVERZON UL 2272 allows the rider to race with the speed of 8 mph, sporting superior traction tires.

To fit the rider’s demands, HOVERZON S comes in 6 colors. A 37 V lithium Ion rechargeable battery powers the board with 100–240 V. The board supports up to 220 lbs, while weighing itself the tenth of the weight supporting capacity i.e. only 22 lbs. The self balancing feature has what makes it exciting. With the safety feature of Rubber bumpers while riding, you feel the thrill of ride without the fear of losing balance and falling on your face. Every motion, from initial to final step, is power-driven by dynamic equilibrium, which allows you to be in command of the board by shifting your body weight.


Hoverzon XLS is advanced as compared to HOVERZON S but with all the features of HOVERZON S it gives the following extra cool features:

· Exclusive “HOVERZON AEGIS Armor”, a multilayer battery protection for fire prevention.

· Intelligent battery management system for advanced battery performance with 5 levels LED battery level indicator, always keeping informed about the battery levels.

· Built-in Bluetooth Speaker

· Multi-color, Rear and Front LED movement indicators light up to give you an idea about movement

· Unlike HOVERZON S, HOVERZON XLS offers a range of 4 colors, a 32V Lithium Ion battery

Now, you don’t have to worry about the battery. It’s the board’s responsibility to keep you informed of battery level through the LED indicator. With further features of nonslip foot pedals, two riding modes, LED headlights to keep the way illuminated while you steer around, and sleek aluminum wheels, HOVERZON has outclassed other boards.

Whether you have ridden a board before or not, HOVEZON UL 2272 is the board for you. Board has two speed modes that can be adjusted according to the experience of the rider. At least now you don’t have to dwell on the question of perfect board for your expertise. HOVERZON has it covered.

The previous incidents of battery malfunctions have been specially scrutinized to keep the safety of rider utmost priority. Due to safety concerns, HOVERZON has gained certification from Underwriters Laboratories for construction evaluation and safety testing and complying with UL 2272’s marking, labeling, and user instruction requirements.

Your safety is after all the preference of HOVERZON.

With a market competitive price, HOVERZON has an edge over other boards, providing complete set of exciting features in overall. Furthermore, the board has a limited warranty of 1 year of electronic defects that may appear during the course of use.

These exciting features of HOVERZON S and XLS have got me all riled up for riding on HOVERZON. What about you?

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#7 The EPIKGO Self Balancing Scooter

The EPIKGO Self Balancing Scooter makes no compromises; sporting high speed, capability to operate on rough terrains and high durability, this well-rounded product is truly a joy to ride.
This is one of the best products in the market, and its great capabilities made us list it in the top 8 hoverboards…

So why we recommend  this hoverboard? 

This scooter is equipped with two 400W motor paired to sturdy 8.5 inches rubber tires (it is worth noting that on this hoverboard the motors are placed on the board rather than on the wheels); this provides the user with a maximum speed of 8 MPH, the capability of traveling up to 12.5 miles on a single charge and a charge time of only about one hour and a half thanks to a state of the art battery technology, which is completely safe from fire hazards, building on EPIKGO’s great reputation in the field of user safety (this board in particular has passed 159 safety tests, complying with all current regulations).

The grip offered by the tires is astounding: you can overcome obstacles seemingly effortlessly at a surprising pace, with a climbing ability of up to 18 degrees; and if that somehow doesn’t leave you in how, then just consider that this scooter is not only water-resistant, but even semi-submersible, making it easy to use even in the rain or avoiding potential damages from riding on mud. A possible downside of the wheel’s larger than usual width is an increased center of gravity that could result in stability issues, but the balancing system is so great that this is basically a non-factor, making riding this hoverboard at full throttle an exhilarating, yet very safe, experience.

In the unfortunate case of a crash, fear not for your EPIKGO Self Balancing Scooter, as its ABS Casing is sturdy and built to go through impacts unscathed; the steel cover of the wheels also offers reasonable protection to the interior.

For those interested in riding at night, the EPIKGO Self Balancing Scooter comes equipped with bright LED lights and 2 red lights at the back, which makes sure you won’t go unnoticed: a great safety measure for you and people around you.

As far as customization goes, a multiple mode roll-out system lets users pick the ride that best suits the route they have to take with their scooter; another nice and greatly appreciated feature surely is the inclusion of compatibility with bluetooth speakers, which lets you listen to your favorite music while cruising, making for an even more enjoyable ride.
Overall, this is one of the most powerful, durable and sturdy scooters you can buy, allowing you to go offroad on any type of terrain, let it be mud, grass, sand and even gravel or dash through the city streets at remarkably high speed, if you so wish.

If you’re therefore interested in acquiring a hoverboard and are looking for the best performing one on the market, then look no further: the EPIKGO Self Balancing Scooter has everything you need, and then some, with its explosive mix of performance and durability.

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#8 Skque X1 Hoverboard Review

Skque is a Los Angeles based company and one of the leading and most trusted hoverboard brands currently on the market. They’ve been around since 2003 which is an awfully long time in the field of eCommerce so this would suggest their reputation for quality is well founded. They specialise is scooters, hoverboards and other tech wearables, so after browsing their catalogue, I decided to take a look at the Skque X1 hoverboard and give it a test run.

The first thing to mention is the price, coming in at $289.99 it is a bargain considering that other boards can run up to $500 and more. I was concerned that because of this, the Skque X1 would possibly be flimsy or poorly built but it is incredibly sturdy. I am a pretty large guy at 210lbs and the chassis easily handled my weight so I more than believe the manufacturer’s specs when it says it can support up to 264 lbs.

The other issue I find with many hoverboards at my size (I am not a small kid) and in the price bracket is the ride quality but again, I was really surprised at just how smooth and controlled the Skque X1 was. 360 degree turns on the spot were effortless, it was totally balanced, the bearings seem to be of really high quality. As a unit I can see the Skque X1 outlasting its one year warranty by a long way. The 10″ pneumatic tyres give just the right balance of feedback from the road and comfort in the ride. Along with this, Skque have improved the motherboard and professionally tuned the gyro sensors, which all contributes to the user experience. All in all, ride quality was excellent, I honestly didn’t think that this level of quality could be achieved for the price but the Skque X1 has shown me otherwise.

Another extremely important factor is it just looks cool. I went for the black finish and there is just something about the curve of the chassis with the LED lights that makes it look mean and edgy, like a sports car. This really sets the Skque X1 apart from the awkward looking, bulging chassis’ of older hoverboards. The LED lights also provide the added bonus of being able to ride the Skque X1 at night.

The final extra feature which I felt was the perfect touch was the bluetooth enabled speaker in the board itself. This allows you to ride along whilst listening to your favourite tracks without the dangerous distraction of headphones. There is nothing quite as fun as cruising along the sidewalk on your Skque X1, blasting your favourite tunes as you go. The sound quality was excellent and the connectivity with the bluetooth never dropped out or lagged. These are just little things but you notice them and they speak to the quality of the build. It’s great when you get a product that works just how it’s supposed to and that is exactly what the Skque X1 does.
Overall, I would heartily recommend the Skque X1. Just a fantastic hoverboard in every way. The ride is great, the quality is superb and the extra features are awesome. It’s UL 2272 certified, meaning it has passed all UL safety regulations and the charging time is a very brisk 1 – 2 hours. All of the wrapped up in a very stylish package and available in a range of different colors. What else is there to say? I may get a white one next!

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What to Consider When Purchasing a Hoverboard – Hoverboard buying guide

These dual-wheeled transportation devices have only increased in popularity over time. With an increase in demand, comes an increase in supply. That means there are hundreds of hoverboards from countless brands clouding up the market. These different models all vary in quality, price and specifications, so before you purchase a hoverboard, be sure to consider the following aspects:

Weight Capacity

This is an extremely important factor to consider when you are considering what hoverboard to buy. These devices come with defined weight capacities that need to be adhered to. You can’t just buy the cheapest model, you need to be sure that it will support your weight well. Hoverboards with heftier weight limits might be more expensive, but it’s worth it when it comes to speed and performance.

 Safety Certification

Perhaps one of the most important considerations when it comes to selecting a hoverboard is safety. In previous years there were numerous reports of hoverboards catching on fire due to manufacturer defaults. To combat this issue, Underwriters’ Laboratories—an organization that tests electrical equipment—began running tests on hoverboards to determine how safe they were. Through rigorous testing, Underwriters’ Laboratories checks the hoverboards vibrations, drops, water exposure, temperature variances and motor overload. UL Standard 2272 is the standard that regulates the safety of hoverboards, and these are the types of hoverboards you should stick to.

 Build Quality

Aside from a UL Standard 2272 rating, you also want a hoverboard that is built from quality materials. It’s true that quality will cost you more, but you don’t want to purchase a cheap hoverboard that might explode, start on fire, or cause an injury. Be sure that the hoverboard you choose has high quality parts and workmanship. The build of your hoverboard should be backed with a money back guarantee or manufacturer’s warranty.


This aspect goes hand in hand with quality. There are so many hoverboards available in the market with more coming in every week. It can be easy to get caught up on prices, instead of looking for a reputable brand. Some great hoverboard brands are Razor, Leray, Jetson, Swagway and Powerboard.


This factor comes down to preference for the most part. Smaller hoverboards are more compact, which means they are portable and easy to take with you on the go. However, larger hoverboards offer better stability and balance, as well as range. Determine what you plan to use your hoverboard for and choose one that makes the most sense.


The top speed of a hoverboard is something that entices everyone. The need for speed daredevils pay close attention to this. For hoverboards, the top speeds are usually around 20km/hour. It might not seem like much, but it’ll get you from Point A to Point B.

 Battery Capacity & Charge Time

The last thing you want to have happen is your hoverboard to stall out because the battery is dead. That is why battery capacity is crucial. For some hoverboards this is listed as a range of time, while others specify battery capacity in a distance range. You’ll also want a hoverboard that can charge quickly. This will be listed in hours and the shorter the recharge time, the better.

 Incline Capability

This one might not seem like a big deal, until you’re trying to take your hoverboard up a hill and fail repeatedly. Powerful hoverboards are able to easily climb hills, but the less quality ones will struggle to ascend them. When looking at hoverboards, a 15 degree incline is optimal for combining performance and safety.


The cost of hoverboards is obviously something else that needs to be taken into consideration. You want a hoverboard with the latest and greatest features, but you also need to be sure that the one you choose falls into your budget. Before you start looking at specific hoverboards, list the features you are looking for and set a budget that you will stay within. This will help narrow down your search process.


Last but not least, you will also need to consider the legality of purchasing and using a hoverboard wherever you are located. Due to the safety considerations, some countries and states do not allow hoverboards to be used in publicly accessible roads. Be sure to look into the requirements of your state or country before hopping on your hoverboard and taking it for a spin through the neighborhood.