The black super turbo elite 36v 1000 watt electric scooter is among the best in its class. Other scooters of a similar caliber have a difficult time comparing to the 1000 watt engine. However; there are also a plethora of features that go beyond just the sheer power of this machine. The comfortable seat is removable and replaceable, and many accessories such as a larger battery can be purchased to improve the performance of the scooter.

Other accessories that can be bought to enhance the experience of the scooter include mirrors for seeing behind you. A brake light kit to (allow users to notify other drivers that they are going to be stopping or turning. A hill kit which allows the scooter to more consistently climb hills without any problems and a speed charger so that whenever the bike needs to be charged the owner can save several precious hours of their time due to the fact that the speed charger nearly halves the charging time from 12 hours to roughly 6 hours. The engine is very powerful for a scooter of its size, thanks to the 1000 watt engine this relatively small scooter can support a 300-pound rider, whereas most similar scooters such as the razor e300S have a weight limit of roughly 220 pounds.

1000w electric scooter has a solid steel frame which many users claimed was very bulky, many users who have crashed maintained the opinion that the frame of the scooter is quite sturdy and good at absorbing shock. The scooter has a twist throttle like a motorcycle and deep cell batteries which allow for distances between 18-20 miles per charge (depending on the weight of the user). The front wheel has a front swinger mono shock which acts as a suspension system in this scooter, and the headlight is an LED light. The extra wide tires are great for traction, and they can ride over a wide variety of terrain, be it smooth or rugged, even on dirt paths on the forest floor. When it comes to the braking system, this scooter has both front wheel brakes as well as rear disk brakes, and it can come to a halt from 25 miles per hour in under 4 seconds.

The 36-volt motor spins at roughly 2750 Rotations per minute which in turn allows the rider to hit speeds of 25 mph on flat streets and 35 miles per hour downhill. A 36v 20Ah LifePo4 lithium battery upgrade can drastically improve the performance of your scooter, allowing for higher speeds and more miles per charge.

1000 watt electric scooter is highly recommended as the first vehicle for youth and teens. Adults can use more powerful models such as the Super Turbo 1000-Lithium, which contains many of the same features but is a larger bulkier and more powerful scooter. In conclusion; if this is the first scooter for one of your teen’s then this is probably the right choice for all of the reasons mentioned above, and I strongly recommend it; if you are a somewhat more experienced driver, then the super turbo 1000-lithium might be a better option.