When spring arrives, children are ready to go outside and get moving! In addition to scooters and traditional bicycles, today’s young riders prefer electric scooters to move around their neighborhood. These scooters are powered by rechargeable batteries with an average lifespan of 40 minutes. Afterwards, they’re just plugged in their rechargers and they will be ready to ride again in less than 12 hours. Electric scooters for kids range from the beginner scooters to the more advanced ones.

Riding the electronic scooters can be a source of fun for kids as well as their parents. As it’s the case with any vehicle, these scooters should only be operated under adult supervision. Proper safety equipment like pads and helmets are also advised to avoid any injuries. Safety of the kids is almost always assured provided that proper accessories are worn. This includes helmets, kneepads and the appropriate shoes. Parents should also keep a closer look at their kids as they cruise around the yard. In terms of the electric scooters themselves, you should also take a look at the safety features before purchasing one. Look for scooters with a twist-grip throttle, hand-operated rear brakes and appropriately sized tires. The scooter should also have a retractable kickstand for easy storage and safe riding.

Choosing the best hoverboards for kids isn’t an easy task. However, if you are acquainted with all the basics, then it could be one of the easiest things to do. With the daily hustle and bustles, no one has the time to comb through the market so as to find out which electric scooter stands out from the rest. If you’re looking for the best electric scooters for your kids, then you’re at the right place. Below is a comprehensive review of top 5 Best Electric Scooters for Kids:

1. Pulse Safe Start Electric 3-Wheel Scooter

The perfect way for kids to know how to drive a scooter very well and also safely is by beginning at a tender age. This electric scooter features 3 wheels and it is designed based on well-known cartoon characters. This product is recommended for kids who are 3 to 5 years old with a weight of 50 lb or less. The 3 wheels as well as a wide track make this scooter very stable; your kids can therefore ride this scooter very easily and also safely.

It features a wide deck that improves its balance and also reduces the possibility of the scooter tilting. The kids can place both legs at front of the model as it features the deck is slip-resistant. Driving this scooter is very simple, it only requires a kid to push the ignition button and it will start to move slowly. For the scooter to stop, the kid is only required to release the power button.

2. Razor Pocket MOD Miniature Euro Electric Scooter

The electric scooter is run using a top -performance electric motor which is chain-driven. Riding this electric scooter feels like visiting the streets of Athens or Rome. The scooter measures 12.5 by 22.5 by 50 inches and it has two 12 inch inflatable tires. It can be comfortably ridden at a speed of up to 15mph. It features a rechargeable battery that allows it to run ten miles before it can be recharged.

This scooter has a comfy padded seat, adjustable-speed acceleration as well as a kickstand that’s retractable. It’s ideal for children who are 12 and above. The model has a weight limit of 150lb. It also has a convenient storage compartment below the seat. Since this scooter can be ridden the side streets, riders have to be conversant with safety measures as well as their area’s scooter laws.

3. Pulse Performance Products Sonic Xl Electric Scooters, Black/Yellow

This electric scooter is suitable for older children, teenagers, or grown-ups. It’s constructed using heavy-duty steel and it is also 27 inches long. It has a weight limit of 150 lb. it features a 24-volt SLA rechargeable battery that offers about forty minutes of smooth riding. This electric scooter can move at a speed of up to thirteen MPH. moreover, it features an Instant Throttle Response for riders who are more experienced.

The model offers maximum comfort, as it features well designed handlebars as well as a well-designed stem. Most people appreciate the model’s ergonomic twist-grip throttle as well as its top-quality hand brake. The scooter offers controlled rides when on even surfaces thanks to its unique 2 -piece deck system, inflatable rubber tires as well as an effective chain-driven system. Its ON/OFF button features an LED indicator whereas the electric scooter comes together with a power converter that can recharge its battery. These hoverboards for kids are painted black and have a glittery yellow stripe.

4. Pulse Performance Products GRT-11 Electric Scooter

This is another great electric scooter for kids. It features a unique push/go feature that makes it very easy for kids to control it. Many Parents appreciate the fact that this this scooter helps them to teach their kids about the safety of an electric scooter. This scooter cannot not move if the rider’s legs are not in the correct place. In order to stop this scooter, your kid only needs to hit the brake that’s on its the back. The scooter can be ridden for about 50 minutes before it can be recharged. The model is ideal for kids who are 9 years old or above. it has a weight limit of 120 lb.

5. Razor E100 Electric Scooter

This model features a very -quiet motor that’s chain-driven. This scooter can move at a speed of up to ten mph. Once the model is assembled, it measures 32.5 inch by 16 inch by 36 inches and it features a weight capacity of up to 120 lb.

This scooter can be ridden for up to 40 minutes thanks to its 24 V sealed battery that can be recharged. The scooter only needs to be connected to the UL certified battery charger that’s included so as to be charged. It requires a maximum of 24 hours so as to be fully charged the scooter rides very smoothly on an eight inch inflatable front tire. Its rear brake is operated using the hands and it also has a spring-loaded kick stand.

Electric scooters can be an amazing gift for your child – it is great for having fun outside or playing with his friends.  With the above listed hoverboards for kids, your children can enjoy the peace of mind and start exploring their neighborhood. They can also choose to ride with friends, on rough surfaces, on sidewalks or even on uphills/downhills.