Best hoverboards for kids

Straight out of “Back to the Future” comes the real-life hoverboard. While the present day version doesn’t actually float above the air like it did for Marty McFly, they are still pretty awesome and an absolute must-have if you want to get your kids off of the video games and back into the real world (or have them grab you a drink while you veg on the couch).

If you’ve never shopped for hoverboards before, I’m sure you’re wondering what are the best hoverboards for kids? Obviously, your first concern is going to be the overall safety of the hoverboard. After all, no measure of fun is worth the risk of serious injury… especially when it comes to your child.

Although no outdoor sporting activity can be deemed completely safe, we have taken the time to review the following hoverboards for safety, fun, affordability, and style. There are so many hoverboards available on the market today that the choices can seem overwhelming. Start here by learning about the best hoverboards for kids on the market today.

Black Rover Droid – The Self-Balancing Electric Mini Scooter

The Black Rover Droid is a great scooter for you and your child. The build of this unit is very robust, and you’ll never fear for its durability for you or your child. Not to mention, it’s very fast and exciting to ride!

One of the key features of this board is the off and on the switch. With one flip of the switch, you can save power (when not in use) and prolong your ride time without wasting the battery while the board sits idle. In addition, the unit boasts a charge indicator at the axle board so you always know the charge level of the battery when it is charging.

When it comes to performance, this board really stands out as one of the best hoverboards for kids. The lithium battery allows this board to run between seventeen and twenty kilometers (about twelve miles) between charges. That’s a big deal!

Expect this hoverboard to safely reach speeds of up to ten kilometers per hour (about six miles per hour) to get you where you need to go quickly. Even after the battery is run completely dry, it will only take about three hours to get you fully charged and ready to go again.

As far as safety is concerned, this board boasts a slip-resistant rubber so that your feet can always have a solid grip on the board. This is a great feature for children, especially when traveling at the speeds this board allows.

Beyond that, this unit includes a LED light in the front for signaling and is extremely lightweight (only about 10 kilograms or 22 pounds). It also includes a convenient carrying bag.

The best news is, when you’re ready to give it a try it supports a weight limit of up to 100 kilograms (220 pounds) so it supports most adults as well. This board is a great pick for you and your child!

2-Wheel’s Smart Self-Balancing Scooter

If color and design are on your list of requirements, then look no further. The sleek and aggressive design of this board will make all of your child’s friends jealous. What’s best is that it also comes with a great array of exciting features.

The first think you need to know about this board is that it is recommended for kids over the age of twelve only. So if you have a younger child, it’s best to consider another board. But if your child is of the right age, let’s look at some of the exciting features this board has to offer!

First, it comes with an ultra-cool double balancing feature that helps ensure that your child is properly balanced at every turn. This helps give your child confidence that they aren’t going to fall over while riding the board – even on the very first ride.

The body of the board is very wide and sturdy and provides an anti-slip grip to help avoid slips and falls. Even better, it’s built for performance. The battery takes less than two hours to fully charge and is able to run for up to twenty kilometers (twelve miles), at a speed of up to ten kilometers per hour (six miles per hour), while carrying up to 100 kilograms (220 pounds) of weight. If those stats don’t impress you, then you are in the wrong market!

With the addition of LED lighting, this hoverboard can also be used at night. Not only does it help light the way, but it will make your child visible to traffic after the sun goes down. Of course, we always recommend wearing a reflector jacket as an added measure of safety.

One more amazing thing about this board: it has built-in wireless Bluetooth speakers that allow you to listen to music while you ride. What could be cooler? This is definitely one of the best hoverboards for kids.

Smart Self-Balanced Electrolyser

This board is small in stature but boasts a ton of power!

Like the others, it is able to run for up to twenty kilometers (twelve miles), at a speed of up to ten kilometers (six miles) per hour, while carrying up to 100 kilograms (220 pounds) of weight – and the battery only takes about two hours to charge. The board is quite safe for children and easy to learn how to use – mostly because of the double balance system that is incorporated into the board. It also gives your child a sturdy anti-slip foot grip for additional security and a small motor that helps to significantly reduce the weight of the board.

With built-in Bluetooth and LED lighting, your child will want to ride this board into the late hours of the night. And the best part is, they will be safe and entertained the entire time!

If you’re considering this board, make sure your child is over the age of twelve and is ready to take on the responsibility of handling their own hoverboard.

Your child’s first hoverboard experience should be a fun and safe one. Make sure to choose the right hoverboard for your child, and maybe you can join in on the fun too!