HendoHover – World’s first Hoverboard

In November of 2014, American inventor Greg Henderson came up with an idea. After seeing the HUVr prank (here’s the short version: video sharing website Funny Or Die released a video where they faked a working hoverboard, using the fame of Tony Hawk and Christopher Lloyd to make it look real.), he was driven to invent his own hoverboard, called the HendoHover. Greg Henderson had bigger dreams in mind with the technology, but he felt like developing a hoverboard would be a good place to start, and prove that it was actually possible – a good proof of concept.

Fast forward to November of 2015, and HendoHover has been busy. They’ve put out a video with Tony Hawk showing off the first HendoHover. They’ve also developed some interesting ideas about where the technology could go on a global scale. It’s an exciting time for the company.

HendoHover currently has 2 models, technically. The first is the original HendoHover; a behemoth hoverboard that weighs in at around 90 pounds. It’s a large board with 4 extremely powerful magnets on the corners of the bottom of the board. The HendoHover is a hoverboard that uses magnetic repulsion technology to lift the board off the ground, and actually hover. It hovers about an inch above the ground, and can hold weight up to about 300 pounds. The way the technology works is that the hoverboard rides on top of a non-ferrous material. This non-ferrous material creates it’s own magnetic field. When the HendoHover is turned on, it creates it’s own magnetic field, and the two fields push each other away, to create a hovering effect.

The second version of the HendoHover is simply called the HendoHover 2.0. It’s taken on a more ‘traditional’ look. It uses a normal skateboard deck, complete with grip tape and trucks. Instead of having wheels on it, it has four hover engines attached. With these small improvements, assisted in part by skateboarding legend Tony Hawk, it’s predicted to help riders have more control over the board, and feel more like a traditional skateboarding experience.

As for the future of HendoHover, the company hopes to keep improving their hover technology. Some people have criticized the first HendoHover for being big and clunky, but as co-developer and co-creator Greg Henderson says “the HendoHover is the Model-T [of hoverboards]”. The HendoHover gave the company a starting point. Now, they have a hoverboard, and they’re constantly looking to improve it, and hopefully bring actual, practical hoverboard technology to the world.

In addition, Henderson said that his technology could be applied to more than just hoverboard technology. His most ambitious idea was to put it under buildings. Then, in the event of an earthquake, the building could be lifted up, and stay safe from destruction by the earthquake. It’s extremely ambitious, but it would literally change the world. The same principle could be taken even further, maybe even to cars. With so many huge ideas, the company is really looking forward to the future.