swagway self balancing electric scooter

The Future Is Now

If there’s one gadget that has managed to make everyone happy with the way it changed their life, that is definitely the Swagway self balancing electric scooter. What this device does is that it manages to bring in front a simpler, more interesting and exciting mobility method, one that is not hard to understand and which manages to bring in front incredible results and a very good user experience all around.

The overall popularity boost received by this self balancing electric scooter comes from the fact that not only does it have a great battery life, but it can also help you get from one place to another very fast. On top of that, more and more celebrities are actually using a two wheels self balancing electric scooter and showcase their own purchase on social media, something that has managed to boost the overall popularity of this device to new heights as well.

What I like the most about the Swagway self balancing electric scooter is the fact that it’s one of those tools that really help you promote another way to more around. Since you don’t have to worry about falling down, getting on this device and riding is a pleasure unlike any other!


This two wheels self balancing electric scooter is designed with ease of use in mind and it certainly manages to offer a very interesting design right off the bat. It offers space for your legs and it also has a central unit that helps you obtain the balance without actually working on it. The overall design and idea behind the self balancing electric scooter is very good and this particular product does a great job when it comes to integrating it into real life with the utmost detail and quality results.
On top of that, the entire design of this particular product seems very good for me, because it allows a lot of place for maneuverability, all while bringing in front the features you need in order to promote safety and ease of use. You have to remember that this product can have some very fast speeds however due to its design it’s not suitable for downhill riding mainly because the speed can get out of hand and handling can be a true problem. Due to its design the device can support quite a large load, usually around 120 KG or even more, it all comes down on the manufacturer but most of the time this is the limit. We recommend you to avoid using it if you have more than 115 KG or so because forcing the device might cause it harm.


The Swagway self balancing electric scooter has a weight of close to 10 kilograms. While it’s not the most portable transportation unit out there, it is lightweight compared to a car or a moped for example, which definitely makes it a great investment. Not only that, but you can actually store it with ease thanks to the way it’s created. It’s also one of the few devices that can easily blend in with the surrounding environment due to its incredible design.

How much can you use it on a single charge?

Based on my experience with this self balancing electric scooter, I found that I can go around 16-17 KM or a little more at times, depending on slopes. As you can expect, slopes will require more power and that means that you will have around 12 KM or so per charge when you encounter a slope. Considering how small the device is and how small its battery is in the first place, I am very happy with the results that it can deliver, mainly because most of us might want to use it to go and come back to work or just do a pleasure ride within the town limits, so 10 KM or so are more than enough in this particular situation. That’s exactly what I did with my Swagway self balancing electric scooter and I was very impressed with the results that it can deliver and the overall running time. Sure we all want it to run more, but as a whole it does deliver the results that everyone wants in a great package!

Moreover, the Lithium Ion – 36V/4.4AH is a great choice and considering that all models run on this battery you can rest assured that it will offer you a lot of fun and intense scooter action!

An important thing to note based on my experience is that the time to charge is anywhere from 2 to 3 hours which is not bad at all, however I do feel that future models might work better if the charging time is lowered. They might need to change the battery for that, but for most of us 2-3 hours of charging might not be that much of a problem to begin with


I found controlling the Swagway self balancing electric scooter to be a very interesting experience. Even if you don’t use your mind for that, you just need to push your foot either in front or in the back then the device will automatically register your command.

Speaking of that, the command registration option is very responsive and I found the device to do a really good job when it comes to delivering you a pretty good user experience. Another thing to note here is that you can’t go over the climbing limit of 15 degrees, which does hamper your ability to go over slopes.


While using this two wheels self balancing electric scooter I had no problem with registering my commands and at the same time there were no hiccups or issues. Instead everything worked perfectly and I did use it for multiple days. I found that you should always try and keep it fully charged because this is the best way to enjoy your time with it. The maximum speed that I was able to register was 10 miles per hour, some people actually went above that and reached 12 mph, so it’s clear that the device does have a lot of power and that really makes the experience more interesting and immersive.

Controlling the self balancing electric scooter at high speeds might not seem like something easy to do but the reality is that this gadget maintains its quite response rate and it does deliver very good regards regardless of the speed you are using it at.


The manufacturer recommends only people over 14 should use it and I agree. You also need to have complete control over your motion and people with motion sickness should stay away from it. The Swagway self balancing electric scooter does integrate a multitude of safety features such as the two very stable foot pads that offer a really good grip. You won’t have to control your speed and at the end of the day that’s what matters the most.

Stability is not an issue here because the device is very stable and you do get complete control over it which is a lot of fun. I particularly liked the fact that the device comes with multiple colors so you can easily accommodate it to your own personality, yet despite that safety remains one of the major concerns of these manufacturers. They integrated a speed limiter to make sure that personal safety is there at all times and the device is also certified with the latest safety and security laws in the US.

Final thoughts

I have to say that I am very impressed with the way the Swagway self balancing electric scooter works and the features that it provides. Not only is it very easy to use, it’s one of those personal relocation vehicles that doesn’t require a lot of electricity to work properly but the results really stand out and that’s what matters the most. They do offer 1 year of warranty and at the same time you can easily get around 2 or 3 hours of continual travel with it depending on the speed you have.

I found the Swagway self balancing electric scooter to be a very good self balancing scooter, one that is stable and filled with incredible features. It’s very easy to use, customizable and at the same time it’s certified which means that you can trust on it to deliver a very good use experience and incredible results.

This two wheels self balancing electric scooter is by far one of the most interesting gadgets that have recently appeared on the market, so if you really want to change the way you commute or how you perform a pleasure ride throughout the city, then the Swagway self balancing electric scooter is indeed one of the best investments that you can make. Don’t hesitate and get your own right now, it can really take the way you go from one place to another to the next level, all with a minor financial investment!